Axis Web

Axis Web is the term used to refer to the javascript implementation of the Axis engine. This implementation is intended for use on typical web pages.

Same origin policy

For security reasons, web browsers comply to the Wikipedia same-origin resource policy, which practically allows for scripts on a web page to only access resources located on the same website as the page itself.

This means that a 3D scene and its resources need to be located on the same website as the web page, which displays it.

MIME types

By default, web servers are usually set to serve only certain Wikipedia MIME types, which correspond to specific file name extensions like .txt, .jpg and etc. In this regard, you might want to make sure your web server is set to serve the file types you are going to use with Axis.

Because the Axis scene file name extension, .axs coincides with the standard, yet legacy extension for ActiveX Script file, it may be served by default.
This might not be the case for some other relevant file types though, like the Axis Image file, .axi or the Targa image file, .tga.

Because of this, if you plan to use such files for the 3D scenes you want to display on web pages, you might have to allow these file formats on your web server.