Outsourcing and development services

We provide our services for outsourcing and development of projects with Axis to help with or fully develop a project, based on your custom specifications.
We can handle all the heavier duty 3d-related programming, up to the deployment of a project.

For example, we accept commissions for assignments including, but not limited to

  • Creating 3d scenes for Axis, based on your specifications, ready for instant display on the web or desktop
  • Programming custom logic for 3d scenes with user interaction and UI interoperability
  • 3d Modeling
  • Advertisement applications with cutting-edge graphics
  • 3d Product catalogues and showcasing
  • Games and entertainment applications for web and desktop
  • Consultation and support for your own Axis projects


Get in touch

If you have any inquiry, need help with your own project or just wish to chat with us, you are welcome to