Axis is a 3D engine for both HTML and desktop, built to be easy to use yet functional and designed for portability and compatibility.


The showcase page demonstrates a few web pages which use Axis to display 3D content, each with its whole underlying code.

Axis is

  • supported by the popular web browsers
  • interoperable with the rest of the web page
  • applicable to any web page
  • customizable
  • available for both web and desktop
  • standalone product
  • free and open source

Axis has application in various fields, for example:

  • displaying from simple 3D objects to whole dynamic virtual worlds in real-time on the web
  • presenting merchandise for web stores
  • interactive visual customization of parts and products
  • engineering, especially where a collection of CAD models is already present
  • real-time simulations of physical environments
  • first person viewing
  • visual tutoring via virtual reality simulation
  • entertainment and gaming industry
  • just for showing off an advanced technology on your web site
  • in practically any web page with visual content

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