Axis input controls

The following table shows all the available input controls and the Axis input modules, which provide them.
The leftmost column shows the input control name as it should be referred to when getting the relevant input property or creating an input control model

Input property Windows forms Direct Input Html Canvas Html Gamepad
Generic inputs
Pointer X
Pointer Y
Pointer X pos
Pointer Y pos
Pointer Pressed
Mouse inputs
Mouse Left
Mouse Right
Mouse Middle
Mouse Scroll
Mouse Scroll horizontal
Mouse X
Mouse Y
Mouse X pos
Mouse Y pos
Keyboard inputs
Key 0
Key 1
Key 2
Key 3
Key 4
Key 5
Key 6
Key 7
Key 8
Key 9
Key 0
Key A
Key B
Key C
Key D
Key E
Key F
Key G
Key H
Key I
Key J
Key K
Key L
Key M
Key N
Key O
Key P
Key Q
Key R
Key S
Key T
Key U
Key V
Key W
Key X
Key Y
Key Z
Key F1
Key F2
Key F3
Key F4
Key F5
Key F6
Key F7
Key F8
Key F9
Key F10
Key F11
Key F12
Key Minus
Key Equals
Key Backspace
Key Square bracket left
Key Square bracket right
Key Backslash
Key Semicolon
Key Quote
Key Comma
Key Period
Key Slash
Key Space
Key Escape
Key Enter
Key Tab
Key Caps
Key Shift
Key Control
Key Alt
Key Print screen
Key Scroll lock
Key Pause
Key Insert
Key Delete
Key End
Key Page up
Key Page down
Key Arrow left
Key Arrow right
Key Arrow up
Key Arrow down
Key Win left
Key Win right
Key Context menu
Key Num 1
Key Num 2
Key Num 3
Key Num 4
Key Num 5
Key Num 6
Key Num 7
Key Num 8
Key Num 9
Key Num 0
Key Num divide
Key Num multiply
Key Num minus
Key Num plus
Key Num decimal
Key Num lock
Key Shift left
Key Shift right
Key Control left
Key Control right
Key Alt left
Key Alt right
Key state Num lock
Key state Caps lock
Key state Scroll lock
Gamepad inputs
Pad 1 A
Pad 1 B
Pad 1 X
Pad 1 Y
Pad 1 Trigger button left
Pad 1 Trigger button right
Pad 1 Select
Pad 1 Start
Pad 1 Thumb left
Pad 1 Thumb right
Pad 1 Up
Pad 1 Down
Pad 1 Left
Pad 1 Right
Pad 1 Analog X left
Pad 1 Analog Y left
Pad 1 Analog X right
Pad 1 Analog Y right
Pad 1 Trigger analog left
Pad 1 Trigger analog right
Pad 1 Available
Pad 2 A
Pad 2 B
Pad 2 X
Pad 2 Y
Pad 2 Trigger button left
Pad 2 Trigger button right
Pad 2 Select
Pad 2 Start
Pad 2 Thumb left
Pad 2 Thumb right
Pad 2 Up
Pad 2 Down
Pad 2 Left
Pad 2 Right
Pad 2 Analog X left
Pad 2 Analog Y left
Pad 2 Analog X right
Pad 2 Analog Y right
Pad 2 Trigger analog left
Pad 2 Trigger analog right
Pad 2 Available
Pad 3 A
Pad 3 B
Pad 3 X
Pad 3 Y
Pad 3 Trigger button left
Pad 3 Trigger button right
Pad 3 Select
Pad 3 Start
Pad 3 Thumb left
Pad 3 Thumb right
Pad 3 Up
Pad 3 Down
Pad 3 Left
Pad 3 Right
Pad 3 Analog X left
Pad 3 Analog Y left
Pad 3 Analog X right
Pad 3 Analog Y right
Pad 3 Trigger analog left
Pad 3 Trigger analog right
Pad 3 Available
Pad 4 A
Pad 4 B
Pad 4 X
Pad 4 Y
Pad 4 Trigger button left
Pad 4 Trigger button right
Pad 4 Select
Pad 4 Start
Pad 4 Thumb left
Pad 4 Thumb right
Pad 4 Up
Pad 4 Down
Pad 4 Left
Pad 4 Right
Pad 4 Analog X left
Pad 4 Analog Y left
Pad 4 Analog X right
Pad 4 Analog Y right
Pad 4 Trigger analog left
Pad 4 Trigger analog right
Pad 4 Available
Touchscreen inputs
Touch X
Touch Y
Touch X pos
Touch Y pos
Touch Pressed
Touch Rotation
Touch Scaling
Touch point 1 X
Touch point 1 Y
Touch point 1 X pos
Touch point 1 Y pos
Touch 1 X
Touch 1 Y
Touch 1 X pos
Touch 1 Y pos
Touch 1 Pressed
Touch 1 Rotation
Touch 1 Scaling
Touch point 2 X
Touch point 2 Y
Touch point 2 X pos
Touch point 2 Y pos
Touch 2 X
Touch 2 Y
Touch 2 X pos
Touch 2 Y pos
Touch 2 Pressed
Touch 2 Rotation
Touch 2 Scaling
Touch point 3 X
Touch point 3 Y
Touch point 3 X pos
Touch point 3 Y pos
Touch 3 X
Touch 3 Y
Touch 3 X pos
Touch 3 Y pos
Touch 3 Pressed
Touch 3 Rotation
Touch 3 Scaling
Touch point 4 X
Touch point 4 Y
Touch point 4 X pos
Touch point 4 Y pos
Touch 4 X
Touch 4 Y
Touch 4 X pos
Touch 4 Y pos
Touch 4 Pressed
Touch 4 Rotation
Touch 4 Scaling
Touch point 5 X
Touch point 5 Y
Touch point 5 X pos
Touch point 5 Y pos
Touch 5 X
Touch 5 Y
Touch 5 X pos
Touch 5 Y pos
Touch 5 Pressed
Touch 5 Rotation
Touch 5 Scaling